In between the waiting game of query writing, agent seeking, and publisher hunting, I’ve started my sequel to The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show called, you guessed it, The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show Returns. But this time they return with The Strangely UniqueThe Strangely Unique will contain many of the circus poster images of what I wanted to share in the first book but felt it couldn’t, due to the content.  The first book I played safe and I didn’t want anyone to have an excuse not to buy it.  Due to elephants and tourism in Thailand, I edited out a man riding an elephant, and instead, would allow animal characters to be portrayed in the book, as long as they didn’t seemed forced in the illustration.  I edited out a clown riding a pig and tugging on the ear. I cleaned up a whole bunch of images and even restored one.  Needless to say,  I spent a great ordeal editing the circus posters to appease every walk of life.

For the sequel, I’m bringing in The Strangely Unique, and hope to teach acceptance and understanding of the individuals that participated in “The Freak Shows.” Granted, they were for most of the time – willing participants.  Unfortunately, men saw The Strangely Unique as cash  making machines, and at times were taken advantage of.  Millie and Christine (The Two-Headed Nightingale), another character in the sequel,  were born into slavery, sold, kidnapped, and then later returned to their family and much better situation.  The Dog-Faced Boy, a character in The Strangely Unique, was making $500 dollars a week in 1895 according to some sources.  That wage is even good today by some standards!

The sequel will offer the same witty rhymes that incorporate character names, presentations or lines from the circus advertisements right in the text of the story, eye-popping illustrations, and a ton of fun! I plan on releasing The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show Returns: The Strangely Unique as a POD through Ingram Spark tentatively in April of 2019, but I’m hopeful it may be earlier!