Priscilla and the Sandman


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Priscilla and the Sandman is an award-winning 32-page picture book by Anders Roseberg.

After not wanting to go to bed night after night, Priscilla is told about the Sandman from her mother. In the turn of a page, she is visited by an adorable upright-walking cat, Mr. Sandman. With her stuffed toy Rabbit, the three of them wander off through the field of dreams toward the land of sweets. Priscilla learns that going to bed and having dreams can be more than exciting, it can be magical.

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“Priscilla, if you want to have good dreams,
tell Sandman what you need.

Sugar crystals as the stars and a
moon that’s made of cheese.

Houses made of gingerbread
and peanut butter trees.

If you want to have good dreams,
come and follow me.”

Priscilla and the Sandman is a rhythmic picture book where each line ends with the “Long E’ sound. The realistic imagery of the pictures will really pull kids into the magic of the book, making it a classic of all ages.


Here are some book specs:

  • 32-page book with spreads and half spreads
  • 8.5 X 10.25 inches closed
  • hardback for long lasting
  • high quality and traditionally printed and bound
  • captivating illustrations
  • “Author’s Note” about how the story was created
  • a rhythmic story where it all rhymes in “long-e”.


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