About Anders


Anders Roseberg


Anders Roseberg is an award-winning children’s book author from Salt Lake City, Utah. Fusing vintage art with enchanting stories, his books captivate readers of all ages and reading levels, transporting them to worlds beyond their wildest imaginations. Anders has always been passionate about vintage memorabilia, rock ‘n roll music, and other art from the early to middle part of the 20th century and draws upon this aesthetic as inspiration for his books.

His first picture book, Priscilla and the Sandman, which was inspired by a made-up lullaby he sang to his daughter Priscilla while he put her to sleep, uses vintage art to bring a magic story to life. His second picture book, The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show, uses vintage circus artwork to transport readers to a different era where fascination knows no limits. The book’s sequel, The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show Returns: The Strangely Unique is set to be available this spring.  Tweedledee and Tweedledum, an Alice in Wonderland spin-off, is set to be released shortly after.

When he isn’t writing children’s books, he dabbles in writing music lyrics and writing film scripts. Although Priscilla and the Sandman is Ander’s first self-published children’s book, he continues to devote his time and energy to writing creative stories that will bring smiles and awe to future readers.