About Anders

Utah Children’s Book Author – Anders Roseberg

Anders Roseberg is an award-winning children’s book author from Utah that has been an imaginative storyteller since the days of his childhood, back in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he would make up stories and imagine the wildest things. When he isn’t writing children’s books, he dabbles in writing music lyrics and writing film scripts. He’s passionate about vintage memorabilia, rock ‘n roll music, and anything else coming out of the 1950’s. His first picture book, Priscilla and the Sandman, which was inspired by a made-up lullaby he sang to his daughter Priscilla while he put her to sleep, has that same magical vintage flare. Although Priscilla and the Sandman is Ander’s first self-published children’s book, he continues to devote his time and energy to write creative stories that will bring smiles and awe to future readers.

Anders lived in Taiwan for about ten years before moving back to his home state, Utah. Anders used to reside in Taiwan where he worked with young children which has been much of his motivation to write books.  He currently resides in Utah, his home state.

He published his second book, The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show, which was released in November.