The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show Scores a 5-Star Review

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It’s nice to get a 5-star review after winning silver place in Literary Classics Awards for The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show.  Here is what Readers’ Favorite said:

The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show: A Collection of Vintage Circus Posters by Anders Roseberg is a short book about circus acts from around the world, not just here in the United States. It’s filled with poems that cleverly describe individual and unique performances, and at the end is a note from the author providing some history of the circus. I grew up knowing about the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus, which began 147 years ago. I even attended a circus performance around 2009, and it was splendid. Unfortunately that circus is now defunct, bringing a chapter of our country’s history to a close. However, the good news is that books like these can help reignite the imagination of children, allowing them to visualize what the circus used to be like, what acts were actually performed, and by whom.

The book’s pictures are taken from actual posters of the past, helping to connect the young reader with history. They are colorful, nicely detailed, and the poetic format of the text helps keep the reader turning the pages, wondering which act will come next. What interests me is all the acts I never did see—most of them in this book, in fact. My experience was with a packed audience and a seat I sat in for the entire show. This book goes back many years to describe the acts that most would never get to see, even if this circus was still in business today. The Wondrous Wandering Acrobats Show: A Collection of Vintage Circus Posters by Anders Roseberg takes the young reader through a wonder-filled adventure of the past and is sure to please many young readers. Highly recommended.

To see the review in its entirety, click HERE.

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